Autoclik is a Windows utility that eliminates the need for clicking.
This program allows you to perform all mouse clicking with absolutely
No clicking. This program could be beneficial for anyone who suffers
from repetitive strain injury (Eg. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) or anyone who
has difficulty using their hands.

Autoclik supports both left and right mouse buttons.
Six different button configurations are allowed. Two Different modes
of operation are supported. Preferences can be set such as dwell times
and menu location. The Control Menu is used as an entry point for
all options.
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It is our recommendation to practice autoclik on solitaire. The
program may seem awkward at first, but with some practice it becomes
a very useful utility.

This Program is limited until it is registered. It is fully functional,
but will only run for a finite number of clicks. To properly
register the software a registration number is required.
When the software is registered the click limitation is
removed. Payment is required for the proper registration number.
We are asking $20 for registration.

Magnify is a windows utility that uses a small window to
magnify the portion or the screen surrounding your cursor.
Magnify is included in the download for autoclik. It has 2 components, magnify.exe, and autohook.dll
Magnify is fully functional, and free of charge.

Both Autoclik and Magnify are Win31 and Win9x compatible.

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Download Autoclik and Magnify
Download Autoclik2 for Dual Mode (requires Autoclik to be installed)
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